We believe the Church, both globally and locally, is a family where all are welcomed and invited to encounter the grace of God, repent of their sin, place their faith in Jesus as the Christ, pick up their cross, and follow him in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We are disciple-makers of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

We invest in holy loving relationships with Christ, the Body of Christ, and the community for Christ.

Our Vision - Relationships For Redemption

Our Core Values - From Acts 2:42-47

The Spiritual Discipline Value

We commit ourselves to the teachings of the Bible, the source and authority of our faith, regular participation in the life of the church, joining in Holy Communion, and fervent prayer.

The Supernatural Value

We expect to see the Holy Spirit at work in the world and in us in mysterious and miraculous ways to further the mission of the Kingdom of God.

The Unity Value

We are to be united by our faith in Christ for the ministry of the Church, putting the mission of the Kingdom ahead of personal preferences or agendas.

The Servant Value

We live for others, serving and giving in any way we can to all who are in need as we follow the example of Christ.

The Commitment Value

At the heart of our response to Jesus Christ is a commitment to make him the Lord of our lives; a commitment manifested in our commitment to the Church, the Body of Christ in the world.

The Hospitality Value

In welcoming others we let one another know that we are accepted and wanted as we offer the friendship of Jesus through loving fellowship.

The Praise Value

Our lives are to be an offering of praise to God. The way we live, the words we speak, the attitudes we hold, and the thoughts we think are all to bring God glory.

The Growth Value

Healthy and vibrant churches are growing communities of faith. This growth will be seen in new professing Christians, believers maturing in discipleship, and more servants going into the world to share the love and life of Christ.