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March Mission Focus - CarePortal
February 22nd, 2024
Our Mission Focus for March is CarePortal.CarePortal is a ministry that brings together local churches and the Department of Child Services to help strengthen families in our community and build relat...  Read More
by Ben Lovell
Next Gen Missions Project
February 7th, 2024
Our Next Gen Missions Project goal this year is to raise $7000 ($3500 for each ministry) for two water wells for the Mishpael Fountain Ministry. This will be part of our church-wide mission in honor o...  Read More
by Melody Pfeffer
You've Got Jesus Mail Family Resource
January 31st, 2024
You've Got Jesus Mail is a family Bible resource that will remind kids of what Jesus says to us in the Bible.You can use the Jesus Mail in several ways with your kids:Morning Mail - Lay the envelope (...  Read More
by Melody Pfeffer
BG Kids/Preteens Contact Form
December 13th, 2023
BG Kids & BG Preteen Parents!It's update your children's BG Kids & BG Preteen contact information for 2024! Please go HERE to fill out your child(ren)'s information form.This form is necess...  Read More
by Melody Pfeffer
Next Gen Holiday Schedule
December 6th, 2023
BG Kids, BG Preteens, and BG Students will not meet on the following Sundays so families will have the opportunity to worship together!December 10th - Children's Christmas MusicalDecember 24th - Chris...  Read More
by Nicki Blythe
Next Gen Online
October 30th, 2023
In addition to Sunday in-person ministry, BG Next Gen offers weekly online content!If you don’t want to miss a thing, be sure to follow the BG Kids Facebook Page and the BG Students Playlist.Each week...  Read More
by Nicki Blythe