Get Connected With The AVL Team

Our Audio/Video/Lighting (AVL) Team controls all of the amazing technology used during our worship time; things like graphics, song lyrics, sermon support, and our LiveStream feed.

While our state of the art AVL system can do amazing things, operating the system is pretty streamlined. There’s no need to be tech wizard.

Actually, the only skill our team members need is attention to detail, being in sync with the flow of the service, and advancing on-screen visuals in a timely manner.

Our AVL team allows those leading the service to focus on what they’re supposed to do without having to worry about the technology.

Making sure song lyrics are flowing smoothly on the screen, and sermon points and scriptures are displayed at the right time allows the congregation to participate without being frustrated or distracted.

While we can help anyone learn the skills needed to operate our system, if you are a techie, the AVL Team is certainly the place for you to connect with Blue Grass Church.

Either way, we’d love to meet you and talk more about how the AVL Team might be the place for you.

EMAIL GREG GRAHAM for more information.