New Devotional Series

On Monday, April 10th we began a new devotional series in Study Together.

While this study offers less content it provides more opportunity for you to reflect, contemplate, and pray through the short Scriptures we offer.

It’s an opportunity to help us slow down and enjoy time in the presence of God; an exercise in listening with the intent of hearing from God through His Word and by His Spirit.

We’ll use the pattern of the W.O.R.D. Write out the Scripture. Observe what it is saying. Relate it to your life. Do something.

The first day of the week, we’ll look at the whole Scripture for the week, and the following five days we’ll dive more closely into shorter segments of the Scripture.

As always, you’ll find the devotional on Facebook at Study Together- Blue Grass Church,, or printed copies are available at the Welcome Desk in the Lobby.