June Mission Focus - School Partnerships

Our Mission Focus for the month of June is our School Partnerships.

We love our schools and we’re so thankful for the teachers, faculty, and staff who pour into the lives of our kids each and every day!

That being the case, we always appreciate the opportunity to be part of the great work they’re doing.

This month we’re collecting funds that will be used to support our school partnerships as we help meet needs and join in efforts that are helping to bless the lives of kids and families in our community.

Our current partnerships are with McGary Middle School, McCutchanville Elementary, & Cedar Hall School, and we’re excited to continue our relationship with them in the coming school year.

You may place a donation in the baskets located at the back of the Worship Center at our Main Campus, give online, or use the Blue Grass Church App in the iOS and Android app stores.

However you give, thank you for supporting the mission of God in the world.