Study Together

On Monday, June 3rd we'll begin the "Purposeful Living” devotional.

This devotional aims to provide biblically-rooted wisdom for life and living that is creative and Christian, practical without being preachy. The contributors come from all walks of life and many parts of the globe, but each has something unique to say about applying the Bible to money.

The book is structured as seven sections that reflect upon different ways people engage with money – earning, allocating, giving, saving/investing, sharing, influencing, and serving.

Gary G. Hoag and Tim Macready are the editors of this material and have given permission to share this material freely.

You can access these devotionals through our Study Together Facebook Group: Study Together- Blue Grass Church, through our app on iOS and Android, our website, and through printed copies at the Welcome Desk in the Lobby.

Be part of this powerful and transformative experience of engaging the Bible in community as we Study Together!