You've Been Elfed Preteen X.M.A.S. Party

You've Been Elfed Preteen X.M.A.S Party and Mission Project Dec. 10th!

It's that time of year again, for our annual Preteen 'You've Been Elfed' X.M.A.S. Party (eXchanging Merriment And Spirit!)

Register your preteen(s) below for this fun Mission Project and Christmas Party! We'll be baking cookies at home, packing them in cookie boxes and secretly dropping them off to members of Blue Grass Church. We'll then come back for some hot chocolate and Christmas goodies!

We're asking each participating family to make/bring 1 dozen or more baked cookies.

We'll meet at the church at 2 pm to put all of our goodies into boxes and then split up to head to members' homes.

Afterwards, we'll come back to the church and treat ourselves to some hot chocolate and Christmas goodies!

We'll also need parents/guardians to help drive preteens to and from members' homes. If you're able to help, please mark it on the RSVP form.

Register HERE for your preteen(s) to participate in this fun event! Friends are welcome, but need to register in advance! Deadline is Dec. 4th!

Questions? Contact Melody Pfeffer!